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There is evidence that proves by adding plants to buildings, you can improve the general wellbeing of the occupants. Plants improve air quality, absorb noise and reduce stress levels. They can also add colour and interest to dull corners and bland walls.
At Blue Star Commercial Gardens, we can provide beautiful plants for any area in your balcony or interior. If you are looking for something with less maintenance, we can provide artificial plants for interior areas with low light levels, which immediately brightens up the area. Also, we can provide hanging troughs and baskets for all balconies where maintenance of low level plants is an issue.
This service is perfect for events, businesses and public spaces. We get to know our client and the space which is going to be worked on, to create something which suits the area perfectly. We can design and install a landscaping scheme to your suit your environment, working with your ideas as inspiration. Or if you don’t know what would be best, we can design it from our expert perspective. We can customise our service to suit your exact requirements and budget.
Our team are all highly qualified and we set our standards extremely high when providing any of our services. We prioritise customer service, making sure you are always more than happy with our service, whether you choose a one-off or regular contract.
Create a Brighter Atmosphere
Our service can add colour to your living or working space, which gives your room a breath of fresh air, especially if it is small and doesn’t allow much light. Balconies can look small, dull and claustrophobic without any plants or flowers. Adding some green to your balcony can add some extra dimension and create a brighter, cleaner atmosphere. You can set up a contract with us which includes ongoing maintenance, keeping your plants fresh and correlating with the seasons.

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