Wildflower Habitat Management

We can create beautiful wildflower areas and ponds in your commercial landscape. We can manage your gardens, to ensure maximum colour and flowering to attract the right wildlife. Nature deserves to be treasured, that’s why we can ensure the maximum benefit to birds and insects. We understand that many people don’t understand how wildlife areas work, so we offer coffee mornings and talks to residents to explain how they work in more detail and what the benefits are to them.
Gardens help wildlife as they provide food, shelter and breeding sites for a variety of animals which increases the interest in a garden. We can encourage certain wildlife by planting certain plants which particular wildlife are dependent on. Planting native plants in a garden helps link the garden to the wider countryside.
Attract wildlife with these features…
Should you choose to include a pond, this provides a breeding place for frogs, toads, newts, dragonflies and more. It also supplied a drinking and bathing area for birds and other animals. Including lawns provides a nectar and seed source for insects and birds. Flower beds can provide a source of pollen and nectar for bees, butterflies and other flower visitors. There are many other natural features which can increase wildlife in your garden, no matter the size or shape, just try us!
Create an active garden, full of life and excitement with Blue Star Commercial Gardens. We can provide you with additional information on what features will encourage wildlife you desire, just get in touch with us to discuss further.

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